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Dear Exhibitor,

In a declined economy, exporting is one way businesses can increase its sales potential. Otherwise, companies remain challenged trying to reap profits from a heavily strained local market. This particularly is the case with businesses operating within the OECS which individually comprise a relatively small marketbased on population as compared to other regional /CARICOM counterparts. Given the established Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) protocol for the free movement of people, goods and services, the OECS market is now considered as one single economic space and therefore should be treated as the “domestic” market.

In order to bring the campaign to encourage the export of products and services within the Region into proper perspective, INVEST SVG will be hosting their Business Exposition dubbed “Everything Vincy Expo”  from 24th  – 30th October, 2019. 

It is a buyer focused exposition with the overall objective of increasing exports within priority sectors and markets. Invest SVG officials have been liaising with partner agencies in the Caribbean including Cuba, Canada, the USA and UK to secure buyer commitments for Everything Vincy Expo 2019.

“Everything Vincy Expo” is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the Region goods and services producers to interact with participants, stakeholders, policy makers, competitors, customers and buyers.  The Event will serve as a platform for ideas, networking, solutions and transaction-oriented exchange. The exposition seeks to showcase the high quality export products and services available in the Region in one location. Buyers will be presented a unique opportunity to establish and develop commercial business relations and gain access to the excellence of made in the Region. The exposition will also facilitate dialogue among business operators.

We intend to attract large scale participation from local consumers, visitors, prospective importers and members of the diaspora, through extensive promotion of these activities.

We invite you to take advantage of this Grande Business Platform for exporters.

Invest SVG is committed to growing firms export markets and would appreciate your participation as an exhibitor in the “Everything Vincy Expo ”.




Annette Mark
Executive Director – Invest SVG

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